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MD 400


MD 400 · was Mt. Wilson La.
from MD 140 (Reisterstown Rd) west to former entrance of Mt Wilson State Hospital

Status: Decommissioned 1989, number no longer assigned.

Mt. Wilson State Hospital was closed in June 1981. Route 400 was dropped in 1989, with signage lasting a few years longer. Like 325 and 479, other entrances to former state mental hospitals, when these institutions were closed and the land sold to other interests, the route numbers were dropped.

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MD 401


MD 401 · was Stringtown Rd.
2.13 mi.; from MD 25 (Falls Rd) northeast to intersection with Yeoho Rd & Cold Bottom Rd.

Status: Decommissioned 1985, number no longer assigned

With all the busy, unnumbered modern day roads in Hunt Valley connecting Falls Rd (25) and York Rd (45) with I-83 (Timonium, Padonia, Shawan, Belfast), the only numbered road in the area was this one, which goes no place in particular. The only numbered road to even cross I-83 south of Hereford, Seminary Ave (131), offers no connection to I-83 at all.

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MD 402

Prince Frederick
Dares Beach

MD 402 · Dares Beach Rd.
4.33 mi.; from MD 2/4 east to road end.

Status: Marked east-west.

Associated Secret-Obscure Routes: 768

MD 402 is another Calvert County branch route from the trunk that is MD 2/4. MD 768 is the loopback road in Dares Beach.

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0.0 MD 2
0.0 MD 4
3.9 MD 768
4.3 ESM

MD 403

Prince George's

MD 403 · was Colesville Rd
old number for current MD 410 between US 1 and MD 500.

Status: Now part of MD 410 (East-West Hwy), number no longer assigned.

MD 403 - Hyattsville MD 403 in Hyattsville, 1956. Section of future MD 410 to west is under construction.

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MD 403


MD 403 · was Level Rd
loop north off US 1 (Conowingo Rd) just west of MD 161

Status: Decommissioned.

Appears on a 1937 map and SRC operating budget, and little else. Possibly an old alignment of MD 155.

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MD 404

Queen Anne's
Wye Mills
Queen Anne

MD 404 · Queen Anne's Hwy, Shore Hwy
24.61 mi.; from MD 213/662 in Wye Mills east to Delaware state line east of Andersontown.

Status: Marked east-west.

NHS: All except small piece at western end, between US 50 and MD 213/662.

Associated Secret-Obscure Routes: 485

A long-time main drag on the Eastern Shore, and an alternate to US 50 in reaching the ocean, particularly the Delaware resorts. MD 404 goes back to the beginning of the numbering system. Before the completion of the Bay Bridge, 404 extended all the way across the Bay to what is now the US 50/301-MD 2/450 interchange (Exit 27). A ferry went between Sandy Point (roughly where the Bay Bridge toll plaza is today) and Matapeake on the western shore of Kent Island. MD 404 went north from Matapeake along current MD 8, then east on MD 18 (which it superceded on maps; there was no dual 18/404 on any maps), and east on current US 50/MD 662 to the current western end at Wye Mills. The number rollback to MD 662 in Wye Mills occurred in August 1984. MD 404 also forms the Talbot-Queen Anne's county line and near Andersontown is home to the only instance of three concurrent state routes: 404, 16 and 313.

50 southeast

East of Wye Mills, 404 ran through Queen Anne and Hillsboro before reaching Denton. A busy, flat and straight 2-lane highway, 404 in recent years has experienced many serious accidents, averaging 72 per year from 1995-99, and 46 fatalities in the last 20 years. For more, check out 404-The Forgotten Highway, an account of 404's safety problems.

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  0.0 MD 662
  1.0 US 50
  5.7 TA-CL Line
  6.8 MD 309
  7.0 MD 303
  8.0 MD 480
  9.1 MD 404 Alt
  9.4 MD 485
10.0 MD 485
10.3 MD 312
12.8 MD 404 Bus
13.7 MD 328
14.7 MD 313
14.7 MD 619
16.1 MD 404 Bus
18.2 MD 16*
20.5 MD 313*
21.4 MD 16*
21.4 MD 313*
24.6 DE Line

MD 404

Queen Anne

MD 404 Alternate · Millsboro-Denton Rd, Talbot Ave, Hillsboro Rd
2.69 mi.; from MD 309 east to MD 404.

Status: Marked east-west.

Also part of the old 404, running through Queen Anne and Hillsboro. Not enough business along it to qualify for that banner here.

Associated Secret-Obscure Routes: 485

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404 Alt
0.0 MD 309
0.5 MD 303
0.6 MD 303
0.7 MD 518
1.0 TA-CL Line
2.9 MD 404

MD 404

MD 404 Business · Meeting House Rd, Franklin St
2.32 mi.; from MD 404 east through Denton back to MD 404.

Status: Marked east-west.

Comprises the old 404 through Denton.

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404 Bus
0.0 MD 404
0.8 MD 308
1.7 MD 619
2.3 MD 404

MD 405

Queen Anne's
MD 405 · Price Station Rd
8.59 mi.; from MD 19 near Church Hill southeast to MD 304.

Status: Marked north-south.

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8.6 MD 19
6.0 US 301
0.0 MD 304

MD 406

Hudson's Corner
MD 406 · was Rehobeth Rd
old number for part of MD 667 between Hudson's Corner and US 13

Status: Entire route became part of MD 667 in 1961, number no longer assigned.

Prior to 1961, MD 667 (and before that, MD 413) ran north along Old Westover-Marion Rd to Westover, and Rehobeth Rd (the current 667) was numbered 406.

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MD 407

MD 407 · Marston Rd
3.81 mi.; from MD 31 east to MD 27.

Status: Marked east-west.

Not a lot here, just a 3-way stop and L-intersection in the hamlet of Marston.

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0.0 MD 31
3.8 MD 27

MD 408

Anne Arundel
Waysons Cor.
Mt. Zion (Lothian)
MD 408 · Mount Zion-Marlboro Rd
5.62 mi.; from MD 4 east to MD 2.

Status: Marked east-west.

MD 408 is the old path of MD 4 before the latter was shifted south along Southern Maryland Blvd (originally designated 416) sometime between 1964-66.

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0.0 MD 4
0.0 MD 980
1.5 MD 794
4.2 MD 259
5.6 MD 422
5.6 MD 2

MD 408

MD 408 · was Edgewood Rd
from MD 7 south to APG Edgewood Area gate.

Status: Part of route south of US 40 is now MD 755, number reassigned.

MD 408 was likely changed to 755 at the same time as the arrival of the current 408 in southern Anne Arundel Co. MD 24 once had its southern end at MD 7, and 408 was the main road extending south. MD 24 now bypasses this whole road. The part of 408 between MD 7 and US 40, which includes a one-lane railroad underpass, was recently dropped as part of 755.

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MD 409

Maryland Line
MD 409 · was Freeland Rd, Harris Mill Rd
2.41 mi.; from MD 45 west to NCRR crossing in Freeland.

Status: Decommissioned 1989, number no longer assigned.

Associated Secret-Obscure Routes: 884

Another Baltimore County spur, this one ending at the old railroad crossing in the town of Freeland. MD 409 was realigned slightly north at its intersection with MD 45 (York Road) in Maryland Line, to line up with the approach to I-83 Exit 37. Dropped in 1989 as part of the exchange that brought Security Blvd into the state system as MD 122.

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MD 410

Chevy Chase
Silver Spring
Takoma Park

Prince George's
University Park
Riverdale Park
Landover Hills
MD 410 · Montgomery Ave, East-West Hwy, Burlington Ave, Philadelphia Ave [Takoma Park], Ethan Allen Ave [Takoma Park], East-West Hwy, Riverdale Rd, Veterans Pkwy
13.92 mi.; from MD 355 in Bethesda east to road end south of US 50 near Glenarden.

Status: Marked east-west.

The sections of MD 410 near Silver Spring were completed in 1932-33 (it's unknown whether it got the 410 number that early too). By 1951, 410 had taken over old MD 209 (Ager Rd.) to MD 500, running east on Hamilton St to 40th Ave.

In Prince George's County is a continued oddity, there remains a 0.35 mile gap in state maintenance east of the interchange with the Baltimore-Washington Parkway.

More breaks in state maintenance occur in Takoma Park, where SHA and the city are in talks to determine maintenance. According to SHA's HLR database, the maintenance transitions appear to be quite specific, down to 0.01 mile. But real property records were not well kept, and neither side can prove definitive ownership. There is no documentation to back up these maintenance claims, but they do serve as a starting point of any future movement on the matter. Mileages are from the beginning of 410 in Bethesda.

  • 4.56: Chicago Ave/Western Corp Limits
  • 4.56-5.00: SHA
  • 5.00: Chestnut Ave
  • 5.00-5.17: Takoma Park
  • 5.17: between TP School Entrance (5.15) and Cedar Ave (5.20)
  • 5.17-5.29: SHA
  • 5.29: Maple Ave
  • 5.29-6.06: Takoma Park
  • 6.06: Elm Ave
  • 6.06-6.31 SHA
  • 6.31: NH Ave (MD 650)/Eastern Corp Limits/PG-Mont Line

While this is being hammered out, SHA and Takoma Park have agreed to decouple the pending download of MD 787 (Flower Ave) to city maintenance.

MD 410, 2010
MD 410 approaching MD 195, Takoma Park.

MD 787, 2010
MD 195 at western merge with MD 410 (ahead & left), Takoma Park

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  0.0 MD 355
  1.0 MD 185
  1.4 MD 186
  3.5 MD 390
  3.7 MD 384
  4.2 US 29
  5.0 MD 320
  5.5 MD 195*
  5.6 MD 195*
  6.3 MD 650
  6.3 MO-PG Line
  7.2 MD 212
  9.0 MD 500
  9.5 US 1
10.6 MD 201
10.8 BW Pkwy
12.8 MD 450
13.5 US 50 5
13.9 Pennsy Dr

MD 411

Prince George's
MD 411 · was Rhode Island Ave
from DC line northeast to Alt US 1.

Status: Entire route now part of US 1, number no longer assigned.

MD 411 appeared along with US 1 on old 1940s road maps of the DC area.

MD 411, 1942
MD 411, from a 1942 Gousha map.

MD 411, 1946
MD 411, from a 1946 Rand McNally map.

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MD 412

Prince George's
MD 412 · was Riverdale Rd

Status: Decommissioned 1990, number no longer assigned.

This route was likely dropped because it parallels modern MD 410, lying only a few blocks to the south. First there was a truncation between US 1 and Rhode Island Ave in 1974. The other part of Riverdale Road, MD 412A, from MD 201 west to Lafayette Ave, was dropped in 1990.

More info about 412 comes from Mark Cleveland:
MD 412 route was decommissioned, in two stages, when MD 410 was extended past U.S. 1 in Riverdale in the 1970s. MD 412 originally ran from US 1 via Queensbury Rd, across an at-grade crossing of the railroad, then jogging a block or two to the south to Riverdale Rd. and continued via Riverdale Rd. to MD 450, Annapolis Rd. Riverdale Rd. ended at that point. MD 410 was extended east from U.S. 1 in the 1970s as a four lane highway with a bridge across the railroad tracks to meet up with Riverdale Rd. a short distance east of the tracks. This bypass was essential to relieve heavy traffic on what were essentially residential streets and to eliminate the at-grade railroad crossing on what had become a major through traffic route. When (or, perhaps, shortly after) this extension was completed, Riverdale Rd. east of that point was renumbered as MD 410 to its end at MD 450. MD 412 was retained for a while (until at least the late 1970s) on its original routing from U.S. 1 through Riverdale via Queensbury Rd. and Riverdale Rd. up to the junction with MD 410. MD 410 was later extended east past MD 450, across yet another set of railroad (and Metrorail) tracks, to U.S. 50. I believe that this occurred in the 1980s.

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MD 413

MD 413 · Crisfield Hwy, Richardson Ave/Maryland Ave, W Main St
14.61 mi.; from US 13 southwest to road end in Crisfield.

Status: Marked north-south.

MD 413 is present in just about every map in which state route numbers are shown. I have no evidence that it was ever planned to be US 413. A new, straighter 413 was completed in 1950 alongside the abandoned rail alignment to Crisfield. The completed sections extended from Crisfield north to Hopewell in 1940 and to Marion by 1946. As new parts were opened, the old road would be assigned MD 667, which remains today, but the section north from Hudson's Corner was shifted eastward along old MD 406 to US 13.

Associated Secret-Obscure Routes:

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14.6 US 13
14.1 MD 673
13.3 MD 361
  6.0 MD 667
  3.5 MD 667
  1.4 MD 358
  1.3 MD 460
  0.0 Begin

MD 414

Prince George's
Forest Heights
Oxon Hill
Hillcrest Heights
MD 414 · Oxon Hill Rd, St. Barnabas Rd, Old Silver Hill Rd, Bonita St
5.11 mi.; from MD 210 east to MD 5.

Status: Marked east-west.

An interesting feature at the eastern end: MD 414 officially curls northward on an old alignment of MD 458, ending at MD 5. West on the route here is southeast geographically. We'll likely see this portion lopped off the next time Prince George's County needs lane-miles elsewhere.

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0.0 MD 210
1.7 I-95/495 4
4.0 MD 5
4.6 MD 458
5.1 MD 5

MD 415

St. Mary's
Pt. Lookout
MD 415 · was Scotland Beach Rd
from MD 5 east to road end.

Status: No longer assigned (decommissioned 1950s).

A tiny spur off MD 5 down near Point Lookout.

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MD 416

Anne Arundel

MD 416 · was Southern Maryland Blvd
from current MD 4-408 jct southeast to current MD 2-4 split in Sunderland.

Status: Entire route now part of MD 4, number no longer assigned.

Prior to MD 4 being extended southward along Southern Maryland Blvd, 4 went east along what is now MD 408, ending at MD 2. SM Blvd between 4 and 2 was originally MD 416. Later it was extended south along MD 2 for the length of Calvert County, creating a long 2/416 dual signage. MD 416 disappeared when MD 4 took over its entire length, the old 4 becoming 408, and the long dual route 2/4.

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MD 417

MD 417 · was Springs Rd
from US 40 north to PA border.

Status: Changed to MD 669 in 1963.

This number was changed to match the adjacent PA 669, assigned April 1, 1963.

MD 417, 1958 MD 417 shown on a 1958 map.

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MD 418

MD 418 · Ringgold Pike
4.62 mi.; from MD 60 northeast to Pennsylvania border.

Status: Marked east-west.

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0.0 MD 60
2.7 MD 64
2.8 MD 846
4.6 PA Line
4.6 PA 2007

MD 419

MD 419 · was Martinsburg Rd, Dickerson Rd
from bridge near C&O Canal northeast to end of state maintenance .5 mi. west of Mt. Ephraim Rd.

Status: Decommissioned, number no longer assigned.

A two-part route, with intervening section of MD 28.

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