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MD 640

Princess Anne
MD 640 · Revells Neck Rd.
0.58 mi.; from US 13 west to entrance of Eastern Correctional Institution

Marked east-west.

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0.0 Prison Entr.
0.6 US 13

MD 640

MD 640 · was Thurston Rd.
2.49 mi.; from MD 80 at Urbana to Bennett Creek

Status: Decommissioned 1955; transferred to Frederick County maintenance. (SRC Min. 09-14-1955), number later recycled.

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MD 641

MD 641 · was Middleburg Rd, Simpsons Mill Rd
2.24 mi.; from Carroll-Frederick county line south to MD 75.

Status: Decommissioned 1955; transferred to Frederick County maintenance. (SRC Min. 09-14-1955)

In 1948, consisted of two pieces with a gap in the middle. Was unified sometime prior to being dumped in 1955.

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MD 642

Anne Arundel
Greenland Beach
MD 642 · Greenland Beach Rd
0.08 mi.; from MD 173 east to end of state maintenance.

Status: Unsigned, associated with MD 173.

An old bridge approach perhaps? Serves a marina/restaurant next to the Stony Creek drawbridge on MD 173.

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MD 643

MD 643 · was Sulphur Spring Rd.
0.58 mi.; from Link Avenue to end SHA Maint east of US 1.

Status: Decommissioned; transferred to Baltimore County maintenance.

Added in 1940 due to construction of Southwestern Blvd (US 1). Also served as grade elimination for what is today the Amtrak corridor.

Route 643-645 are associated with railroad grade eliminations.

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MD 644

MD 644 · Francis Ave, Tom Day Blvd
2 sections

Status: Unsigned.

Added in 1940 due to construction of Southwestern Blvd (US 1). Consists mostly of bridge over Amtrak and Southwestern Blvd. (US 1).

Sections of MD 644:
MD 644A: Francis Ave 0.17 mi.; between Carville Ave. and Selma Ave.
MD 644B: Tom Day Blvd 0.12 mi.; from US 1 (Southwestern Blvd) to Oregon Ave in Arbutus.

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MD 645

Anne Arundel
MD 645
4 sections, 2 active.

Status: MD 645B, 645D Unsigned.; MD 645A decommissioned 1986; transferred to Anne Arundel County maintenance (SRC Min. 02-21-1986, Agreememt 11-08-1985).; MD 645C decommissioned 1983; transferred to Anne Arundel County maintenance (SRC Min. 01-28-1983, Agreememt 11-15-1982).

Sections of MD 645:
MD 645A: Old Dorsey Rd 0.41 mi.; from MD 176 to road end west of Amtrak.
MD 645B: Old Dorsey Rd 0.12 mi.; from road end east of Amtrak east to MD 176.
MD 645C: Old Annapolis Blvd 0.02 mi.; from road end .02 mi west of MD 176A to MD 176 (Dorsey Road).
MD 645D: Old Dorsey Rd 0.03 mi.; Connects MD 645B to MD 176.

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MD 646

MD 646 · Prospect Rd.
3.31 mi.; from MD 543 northeast to MD 136.

Marked north-south on mainline, but as 'east' on directional signs on MD 543.

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0.0 MD 543
3.3 MD 136

MD 647


Anne Arundel
MD 647 · was Whiskey Bottom Rd
near B&O Railroad bridge near Laurel Park.

Status: Decommissioned; transferred to Anne Arundel/Howard County maintenance.

Another railroad grade crossing elimination. MD 647 was gone from maps by 1955.

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MD 648

Baltimore City

English Consul
Baltimore Highlands

Anne Arundel
Glen Burnie
Severna Park
MD 648 · Annapolis Rd, Old Annapolis Rd, Baltimore-Annapolis Blvd.
11 sections, 9 active; from MD 450 at east end of Naval Academy bridge north to end of maintenance at ramp from I-95 westbound to MD 295 northbound, Westport.

MD 2-648 Strip 1936 map of the "New Annapolis Road", later to be named Ritchie Hwy (MD 2), the old route to become MD 648.

Status: Mainline sections signed north-south, associated with MD 2. MD 648B and 648C decommissioned 1983 (SRC Min. 01-28-1983, Effective 07-01-1955)

Associated Secret-Obscure Routes: 915

Carleton Jones, in his book Streetwise Baltimore, noted that the old Annapolis Boulevard "had been chopped up into so many segments… [that] anyone who attempts to reach [Annapolis] from Baltimore over this route had better bring along a sextant and overnight gear." As such it is the quintessential old Maryland alignment, darting back and forth from the view of the arrow-straight MD 2. It's also the bane of out-of-staters, whose signed state routes actually go someplace, and would think Maryland routes do similar. A signed route here is no guarantee against a dead end. There's no access across US 50-301 on 648, but still a single ramp off westbound to north on 648, a reminder of 50-301's non-freeway past.

As new sections came online, the old became parts of 648. In turn, two pieces have been cut off by the construction of MD 100, becoming MD 915. MD 100 overpasses with no direct access. MD 648 annexed the entirety of MD 706 (Waterford Rd) to maintain the connection with MD 177. Once there, MD 648 has a de-facto concurrency with MD 177 west to the next alignment, which is the same leading north through Glen Burnie and up into Baltimore. North of Glen Burnie, 648 was the original route of US 301 north into Baltimore. From 648's current end in Westport, 301 headed northwest on Monroe St to end at US 1. The only 648 shield to be found in Baltimore City is to be found on BW Parkway signage.

MD 648's current intersection with Business MD 3 in Glen Burnie was the location for Maryland's first traffic signal.

Sections of MD 648: Mainline order (north to south) is E, H, D, F, A. Original path was E, (915), H, AA, D, C, B, A.
MD 648A: Baltimore-Annapolis Blvd (AA) 2.09 mi.; from MD 450 north to road end at US 50-301. Southernmost signed mainline; not accessible across 50-301. Provides access to MD 179, and the short but signed MD 672.
MD 648B: Old Annapolis Blvd 0.31 mi.; From MD 2 to MD 2 in the vicinity of Ashcroft. Just south of 648C, this loops back east.
MD 648C: Old Annapolis Blvd 0.55 mi.; From MD 2 to MD 2 in the vicinity of Arnold. Loop east of MD 2.
MD 648D: Baltimore-Annapolis Blvd (AA) 4.18 mi.; loop west off MD 2, comes close to MD 2 before peeling off again.
MD 648E: Baltimore-Annapolis Blvd (AA), Old Annapolis Rd (BA), Annapolis Rd (BC) 11.15 mi.; longest and northernmost section.
MD 648F: Baltimore-Annapolis Blvd (AA) 0.61 mi.; . This section starts as a ramp off US 50-301.
MD 648G: Baltimore-Annapolis Blvd (AA) 0.13 mi.; old alignment southwest of the 648 interchange with MD 10.
MD 648H: Baltimore-Annapolis Blvd, Waterford Rd (AA) 3.49 mi.; from .. north to MD 177. The Waterford Rd part of this route was once MD 706. With construction of MD 100, old 648 was cut off, both ends redesignated MD 915.
MD 648I: McGivney Way 0.13 mi.; connects with 648G near interchange with MD 10. Directly across from end of MD 270.
MD 648AA: Asbury Dr (AA) 0.48 mi.; was original 648 alignment before it was turned west onto MD 2. South of 648H and north of 648D.
MD 648AB: [no name] (AA) 0.10 mi.; Entrance to Baltimore-Annapolis Trail Park near absolute southern terminus at MD 450.

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11.1 Ramp
10.9 Monroe St
10.3 Russell St
10.3 MD 295
10.3 Waterview Ave
  9.4 Patapsco Ave
  9.3 BA-BC Line
  7.8 AA-BA Line
  7.5 MD 168
  7.0 MD 170
  6.4 I-695 5
  6.3 MD 169
  5.1 Hammonds Ferry
  4.3 I-97 16
  3.8 MD 176
  3.3 MD 3 Business
  3.1 MD 2
  1.8 MD 10 -
  1.8 MD 648G
  1.3 Marley Neck Rd
  0.0 Jumpers Hole Rd
  0.0 MD 177

3.5 Solley Rd
3.5 MD 177
2.4 MD 915
1.4 Magothy Br Rd
0.2 MD 648AA
0.0 MD 2

4.2 MD 2
3.9 Admiral Rd
3.8 Admiral Rd
2.1 Jones Sta Rd
1.9 MD 2 (s/b)
0.0 MD 2

0.6 MD 2
0.0 US 50-301 (w/b)

No Access
US 50-301

2.1 Road End
0.9 MD 179
0.5 MD 672
0.1 MD 648AB
0.0 MD 450

MD 649

Port Tobacco
MD 649 · (unknown)
0.28 mi.; from MD 6 at Port Tobacco to MD 6.

Status: Decommissioned 1956; transferred to Charles County maintenance. (SRC Min. 12-13-1955, Agreement 11-29-1955, Effective 07-01-1956)

A loop near Port Tobacco off MD 6, probable old alignment

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MD 650

White Oak

Prince George's
Langley Park

Takoma Park
MD 650 · New Hampshire Ave, Damascus Rd
25.89 mi.; from DC line at Takoma Park north to MD 108, Etchison.

Status: Signed north-south.

Associated Secret-Obscure Routes: 897

A main route north of DC, MD 650 has its original section south of US 29, which traversed New Hampshire Avenue from White Oak north to Ashton, before taking a right onto current MD 108. North of Ashton was MD 116 up to Brighton Dam Rd.

MD 650 annexed both the old path of 29 and 116. It was extended 2.8 miles from Brighton Dam Rd to MD 97 in 1973, with the final extension to MD 108 added in 1976. The name change occurs at MD 97.

MD 650, 2010
Start of MD 650 entering from DC. (picture 12/30/10)

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25.8 MD 108
20.6 MD 97
17.6 Brighton Dam Rd
14.3 MD 108
11.9 MD 198A
11.8 MD 198
11.8 Norbeck Rd
  9.2 MD 200-
  8.3 Randolph Rd
  6.0 US 29 -
  5.7 Lockwood Dr
  4.3 Powder Mill Rd
  4.0 I-495 28
  3.1 PG-MO Line
  1.8 MD 193
  1.8 MO-PG Line
  0.8 PG-MO Line
  0.8 MD 410
  0.0 DC Line

MD 651

MD 651 · was St Clair Bridge Rd
0.09 mi.; from MD 165 to North Bend Rd.

Status: Decommissioned 1953; transferred to Harford County maintenance. (SRC Min. 05-20-1953, Effective 07-01-1953)

MD 651 was a short spur off MD 165. Not far across and slightly offset was a similarly short MD 163.

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MD 652

Anne Arundel
MD 652 · Old Telegraph Rd
0.69 mi.; from road end at MD 100 north to MD 176.

Status: Signed at turn from MD 176. Associated with MD 170

MD 652, with the completion of Route 100, is on the endangered list. Its usefulness is now limited to access to Queenstown Rd, which does have a bridge over 100. Though it seems nowhere around now, this is the old alignment of MD 170 before land was taken for Friendship (later BWI) Airport. Its junction with 170 was lost under the MD 100 interchange. The old road continues inside the airport fence to the old Friendship Cemetery. Also lost was part of the WB&A Railway. Should Anne Arundel need to swap mileage, Route 652 would likely face the chopping block.

MD 652, 2009
Route 652… still here, but for how long? (picture 11/28/09)

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0.7 MD 176
0.2 Queenstown Rd
0.0 Road End

MD 652

Piney Grove
MD 652 · was Orleans Rd
from US 40 (now Scenic 40) to PA Line.

Status: Decommissioned sometime after 1938. There is no record of it, but likely 1956 like other nearby routes. Orleans Rd now extends south to an interchange with I-68.

According to HTDS, "no record of this road being transferred back to County" (SHA Min 06-30-1938). Began a cluster of Allegany routes 652-658 except 653.

MD 652, 1939
Original MD 652, from 1939 SRC official map. All state routes shown here are gone.

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MD 653

Silver Spring
MD 653 · was 16th St
old number for MD 390 from DC line at Blair Portal north to MD 410.

Status: Entire route became part of MD 390 by 1956. Number not reassigned.

MD 653, 1956
MD 653, from 1956 General Drafting map.

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MD 654

MD 654 (1939-1956) · was Welsh Hill Rd
0.70 mi.; from MD 36 to Corp Limits Frostburg.

Status: Decommissioned 1956; transferred to Allegany County maintenance. (SRC Min. 11-10-1955, Effective 07-01-1956)

The mileage at the time of decommissioning was 0.49 miles, less than the 0.70 stated at the time of its addition.

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MD 655

MD 655 · Old MD 28
9 active sections.

Status: Unsigned, associated with MD 28.

Current MD 655 came about in 1985 when MD 28 was widened and realigned.

Sections of MD 655:
MD 655: Old MD 28 0.00 mi.; From MD 655 to Relocated MD 28 East of Carrollton Road.
MD 655A: (no name) 0.52 mi.; From MD 28 north to MD 97. Intersects with spurs to 97 and Thistlebridge Dr
MD 655B: Old MD 28 0.00 mi.; From Carrollton Road to Relocated MD 28 .08 Mile East of Westbury Road.
MD 655C: Old MD 28 0.00 mi.; From Carrollton Road to Relocated MD 28 .03 Mile East of Bel Pre Road.
MD 655D: (no name) 0.03 mi.; from cul-de-sac east to cul-de-sac, 2 pieces separated by 0.25 mile county road.
MD 655E: (no name) 0.02 mi.; From MD 28 west to end of state maintenance.
MD 655F: (no name) 0.01 mi.; From MD 28 west to end of state maintenance.
MD 655G: (no name) 0.01 mi.; From MD 28 east to MD 28.
MD 655H: (no name) 0.01 mi.; From MD 28 east to end of state mainteance.

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MD 655

MD 655 (1939-1956) · was Klondike Rd
1.40 mi.; MD 36 to Klondike.

Status: Decommissioned 1956; transferred to Allegany County maintenance. (SRC Min. 11-10-1955, Effective 07-01-1956)

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MD 656

Queen Anne's
MD 656 · Friels Rd
0.70 mi.; from MD 18 (18S) at Outlet Center Dr east to MD 456.

Status: Signed east-west. Associated with MD 456.

Number is derived from MD 456. Runs around the back of the outlet center near the US 50-301 split. MD 18S is just the letter suffix, not intended to mean 'south'. MD 656 was the first known instance of a number being used thrice.

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MD 656-18, 2010
MD 656-18 signage, at US 301's entrance to outlet center. (picture 02/21/10)

0.0 MD 18
0.7 MD 456

MD 656

MD 656 (1979) · was Black Dog Alley
0.70 mi.; from US 50 east to Cordova Rd (MD 309).

Status: Became part of MD 309 in 1979, number later recycled. (SRC Min. 11-10-1955, Effective 07-01-1956).

Despite the name, it is a standard width 2-lane road. It was added to create a right-angle intersection with US 50 for MD 309, which had been more of a Y intersection. MD 309 south from this route to US 50 was transferred back to the county at the same time, a distance of 0.14 miles. It was later extended across US 50 to connect with an extended 662.

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MD 656

MD 656 (1938-1956) · was Watercliffe Rd
0.25 mi.; loop off MD 36 "in Lonaconing".

Status: Decommissioned 1956, transferred to Lonaconing municipal maintenance (SRC Min. 11-10-1955, Effective 07-01-1956).

Added in 1939, dropped in 1956 in the sweep of minor routes during the 12 Year Program. Was part of a cluster of routes near MD 36.

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MD 657

MD 657 · Skids Hill Rd, Douglas Ave [Lonaconing]
1.82 mi.; from MD 36 northwest to Allegany-Garrett county line.

Status: Decomissioned 2011, transferred to Allegany County maintenance.

Prior to being dropped, 657 was the longest signed Maryland route not to have line striping. Only 657 signage occurs westbound when exiting the limits of Lonaconing. Ending at same point near the Allegany-Garrett border, this county line was one of the last to experience an adjustment. The portion that was within the town limits of Lonaconing was posted with an unusually low 15 mph limit.

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MD 657, 2010
MD 657, outside Lonaconing (picture 01/24/10)

1.8 ESM
1.8 AL-GA Line
0.0 MD 36

MD 658

La Vale
MD 658 · Vocke Rd
0.61 mi.; from MD 53 northeast to Alt US 40

Status: Unmarked.

NHS: Possibly, since it links an NHS corridor (MD 53) to I-68, and is necessary to complete movements onto I-68.

Only clue to Vocke's state route status is the SHA standard "Snow Emergency Route" signs which stand alone. The SHA facility along the road is also a good clue.

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0.6 US 40 Alt
0.5 MD 49
0.5 I-68 40
0.4 MD 949
0.0 MD 53

MD 659

MD 659 · was Stonestreet Ave
0.20 mi.; from Old Baltimore Ave (former MD 676) to road end.

Status: Decommissioned 1959. Transferred to Rockville municipal maintenance. (SRC Min. 07-28-1959, effective same date)

Nowadays this road has ramp access to and from Veirs Mill Rd (MD 28, 586). This route was dropped at the same time as the adjacent MD 676.

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