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Maryland Official Sites
Official site of Maryland State Government.

Maryland Electronic Capital
Operated by the State Archives.

Maryland Transportation Agencies:

Maryland Department of Transporation

Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA)
Maintains most numbered state routes, excluding toll facilites and routes in Baltimore City.

Maryland Transportation Authority (MdTA)
Maintains all toll roads in Maryland, plus all of I-95 between southwestern limit of Baltimore City northeast to the Delaware border.

EZPass Maryland

CHART (Traffic Conditions and Live Traffic Cameras)
Motor Vehicle Administration
Mass Transit Administration
I-95 Express Toll Lanes

General Interest:

Maryland Tourism

Other Maryland Highway Related Sites/Pages

Roads to the Future by Scott Kozel
A great site, about Mid-Atlantic transportation history. Includes info on expressways/toll roads throughout Maryland including a page on Baltimore's early expressway planning.

Central Pennsylvania & Maryland Roads by Tim Reichard
Specialties include multiplexes, US Highway ends, interchange browser, and clinched highway mapping. Washington-Baltimore Area Roads, Crossings & Exits by Steve Anderson

Baltimore Ghosts-Unsung Momuments of the Monumental City by Adam Paul
Another fantastic site, this mostly deals with Baltimore's urban artifacts (i.e. old streets, railroads, signs, traffic lights, light poles, etc.) Of particular interest is his Interstate 0 and Interstate 00 (I-170) pages, which which deals with Baltimore's planned but unbuilt highways.

Baltimore/Washington Transportation by Steve Okonski
Mostly railroads here, but some pages of highway photos as well.

Mid-Atlantic Freeway Exit Lists by Mr Yamamoto
Includes quite a bit of Maryland freeway exits, among others.

Maryland State Route Ends by Brian Polidoro

Delmarva Highways by Corey Dukes
It's on hold for now, but could be back at any time.

Maryland State Highways on Wikipedia

Highway Sites of Neighboring States & DC

District of Columbia Highways by William Yurasko
Delaware Highways Page by Alex Nitzman
Pennsylvania Highways by Jeff Kitsko
Virginia Highways by David Strong
West Virginia Highways by H. B. Elkins

Highway Site Indices

Andy's Highway Kickoff Page by Andy Field
AboutVia by James Lin
U.S. Roads Portal on Wikipedia


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