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MD 800

New Windsor
MD 800
5 sections

Status: One section (800D) is signed, the rest unsigned, associated with MD 75.

The old alignment of MD 75 between Union Bridge and New Windsor. The SHA database does not have their names. East of MD 84, part of the old 75 was taken over by 84 itself, instead of becoming a section of 800. A small stub, MD 800A, branches from this section.

Sections of MD 800:
MD 800A: Mill Dale Ln 0.05 mi.; from MD 84 east to road end.
MD 800B: S Clear Ridge Rd 0.20 mi.; from MD 75 north to MD 84.
MD 800C: (no name) 0.07 mi.; two dead ends in front of St Luke's Lutheran Church. Connected with a driveway, and just west of 800B
MD 800D: Watson Ln 1.57 mi.; This is the signed section, and manages to stray a bit from MD 75.
MD 800E: 0.03 mi.; from Stem Rd east to road end.

MD 800 signed, off MD 75 east of Union Bridge (picture 06/25/2009)

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0.0 MD 75
1.6 MD 75

MD 801

Queen Anne's
Irelands Corner
MD 801 · was Irelands Corner Rd
1.05 mi.; from MD 313 south of MD 290 north to MD 313 at Jim Davis Road

Status: Decommissioned 1987; transferred to Queen Anne's County maintenance. (SRC Min. 01-19-1988, Agreement 12-01-1987, Effective 12-01-1987)

MD 801 was a loop westward off of MD 313 to Ireland's Corner, which is just south of Galena, where this road intersects with MD 290.

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MD 802

Queen Anne's
MD 802 · Batts Neck Rd
1.02 mi.; from MD 8 north back to MD 8.

Status: Signed north-south, associated with MD 8.

A former piece of MD 8 that runs through a small residential area. Calling it an associated route of MD 8 is a little of a stretch, as it only appears once, not as a repeated bunch of little suffixed sections all up and down its path.

MD 802 at northern end, 1998.

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1.0 MD 8
0.0 MD 8

MD 803

Ginn's Corner
MD 803 · was Edgar Price Rd
1.53 mi.; from MD 299 to CO 333 and CO 333 to Delaware State Line

Status: Decommissioned 1979; transferred to Cecil County maintenance. (SRC Min. 12-27-1979, Agreement 12-26-1979, Effective 12-26-1979)

Edgar Price Rd is a frontage east of 301 to reconnect its former alignment, now cut off by 301, to MD 299. The route description is taken verbatim from the RTDS. CO 333 is used as the county route designation for Edgar Price Rd. There was probably an intervening county section en route to the Delaware border. Dropped in one of the last actions of the 1970s. Its southern end parallels US 301 opposite the new weigh station.

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MD 804

MD 804
2 sections

Status: One section (804B) unsigned, associated with MD 64, other section (804A) decommssioned 1985, transferred to Washington County maintenance.

MD 804A was a section in Smithsburg dropped in 1985. MD 804B is the old alignment of MD 64 through Chewsville, where MD 62 still technically ends.

Sections of MD 804:
MD 804A: Old Georgetown Rd 0.33 mi.; from MD 66 to MD 64. Decommissioned 11-25-1985.
MD 804B: Track Side Rd, Twin Springs Dr 0.79 mi.; from MD 64 looping north back to MD 64. MD 62 ends on this section, and does not technically reach MD 64.

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MD 805

Rocky Forge
MD 805
1 remaining section

Unmarked, officially MD 805B, associated with MD 60. May not be open for access.

MD 805 is what looks like a private driveway off MD 60 to Rocky Forge Rd.

Sections of MD 805:
MD 805B: (no name) 0.00 mi.; from MD 60 to Rocky Forge Rd.

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MD 806

MD 806
5 remaining sections

Signed north-south, associated with US 15.

MD 806 is our catch-all for old US 15 aligments and connectors. Though it's the portion north of Frederick to Thurmont that's signed, there was also once a piece of 806 south of Frederick. US 15 hadn't been rerouted along part of US 340 yet, so when it was routed along I-270 to the Frederick Freeway, that part north of I-270 became an 806 segment. When it did happen, the entire old US 15, including the new 806, became MD 85.

MD 806R leaves old alignment of US 15 at Albert Staub Rd, Thurmont. (picture 03/20/2010)

Sections of MD 806:
MD 806A: Catoctin Furnace Rd 3.04 mi.; from US 15 north to southern limits of Thurmont. Runs east of current US 15.
MD 806D: 0.29 mi.; north off MD 76. Decommissioned 1978, transferred to Mount St. Mary's College.
MD 806E: 0.21 mi.; US 15 at entrance to Mount St. Mary's College. Decommissioned 1978, transferred to Mount St. Mary's College.
MD 806I: (no name) 0.53 mi.; from dead end north to Willow Rd. Paralles US 15 to the west.
MD 806N: (no name) 0.56 mi.; from Hayward Rd in Frederick north to cul-de-sac. Parallels US 15 to the west, just south of 806I.
MD 806O: (no name) 0.04 mi.; from road end north to road end. Intersects Lohr Rd
MD 806R: Albert Staub Rd, Emmitsburg Rd 1.01 mi.; from MD 550 north to Roddy Creek Rd. Albert Staub Rd added to extend MD 806 to Roddy Creek Rd for a right-angle intersection with US 15. Roddy Creek Rd features a covered bridge.

Though it's not listed as under state maintenance, MD 806 is signed north of Thurmont, even being dual-signed with 550.

MD 550-806 dual signage, Thurmont. (picture 03/20/2010)

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1.0 Roddy Creek Rd
0.0 MD 550

3.0 Limits Thurmont
3.0 ESM
2.3 Blue Mountain Rd
0.0 US 15

MD 807

MD 807
6 sections

Unsigned, associated with US 220.

MD 807 comprises the old alignments, spurs and stubs of US 220, Bedford Road, north of Cumberland.

Sections of MD 807:
MD 807: Bedford Rd 3.52 mi.; from northern limits of Cumberland north to US 220.
MD 807A: Naves Cross Rd 0.10 mi.; from MD 144 (Christie Rd) east to end of state maintenance at Mason Rd. This piece has been part of US 220, and before that, MD 395. Though officially now 807A, is signed as MD 144.
MD 807B: Bedford Rd 0.38 mi.; from MD 807 north to cul-de-sac.
MD 807C: (no name) 0.10 mi.; from US 220 south to cul-de-sac near Centenay United Methodist Church.
MD 807D: Pine Ridge Rd 0.23 mi.; from US 200 north to end of state maintenance.
MD 807E: Smouses Mill Rd 0.06 mi.; from start of maintenance at Hazen Rd (former MD 48) north to US 220 at MD 807.

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MD 808

Mount Airy
MD 808 · Main St [Mount Airy]
2 sections

Signed north-south, associated with MD 27.

MD 808 is the old 27 through Mount Airy. Part of Main Street forms the Frederick-Carroll County boundary through the center of town, though the SHA data has Main Street as being entirely in Carroll County for inventory purposes.

Sections of MD 808:
MD 808A: Main St [Mount Airy] 2.34 mi.; from Ridgeville Blvd north to MD 27 at Leishear Rd.
MD 800B: Spring Mills Rd 0.23 mi.; from road end east to MD 27.

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2.3 0 MD 27
0.0 0 Ridgeville Blvd

MD 809

MD 809
2 sections

Status: MD 809 Decommissioned 1976; transferred to Cecil County maintenance. (SRC Min. 02-25-1976, Agreement 02-25-1976, Effective 02-25-1976)
MD 809A Decommissioned 1979; transferred to Cecil County maintenance. (SRC Min. 12-27-1979, Agreement 12-26-1979, Effective 12-26-1979)

There are two entries for decommissioning of MD 809 (sans suffix), one in 1976, the other in 1979, with similar lengths and location writeups.

Sections of MD 809:
MD 809: Brick Meetinghouse Rd 0.47 mi.; from MD 273 W of Calvert, Easterly to the Junction of MD 272. Became CO 496 in 1976 according to RTDS.
MD 809: 0.47 mi.; from MD 272 to MD 273.
MD 809A: 0.32 mi.; from Road End E to MD 273.

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MD 810

Prince George's
Broad Creek
Fort Washington
White Hall
MD 810 · (frontages of MD 210)
11 sections

Status: Unsigned, associated with MD 210.

MD 810 is used for the frontage roads either side of MD 210. It's relatively modern, so there aren't any old alignments of 210, not yet. The sections of 810 intermingle with the suffixed section of MD 210.

Sections of MD 810:
MD 810A: Livingston Rd 0.16 mi.; from entrance of electric substation north to end of state maintenance near MD 210J (service road).
MD 810B: Spring Grove Dr 0.04 mi.; from MD 210K (Beech La) east to end of maintenance.
MD 810C: Dale La 0.04 mi.; from MD 210K (Beech La) east to end of maintenance.
MD 810D: Maple La 0.04 mi.; from MD 210K (Beech La) east to end of maintenance..
MD 810E: Pine Dr 0.08 mi.; from start of maintenance south to MD 210K (Beech La).
MD 810F: Holly Way 0.10 mi.; from start of maintenance south to end of maintenance at MD 810G.
MD 810G: Pine La 0.06 mi.; from start of maintenance at MD 810F east to MD 210.
MD 810H: Manning Rd W 0.11 mi.; from start of maintenance south to MD 210.
MD 810I: Manning Rd E 0.69 mi.; from MD 210 south to end of maintenance 0.04 miles past MD 228.
MD 810J: Livingston Rd 0.10 mi.; from MD 210/MD 373 west to end of maintenance at MD 210S (Biddle Rd).
MD 810K: Brian Point Rd 0.10 mi.; from road end west to end of maintenance at MD 210S (Biddle Rd).

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MD 811

Rising Sun
MD 811 · was Wilson Ave
0.19 mi.; from southern limits of Rising Sun north to MD 273

Status: Decommissioned 1979; transferred to Rising Sun municipal maintenance. (SRC Min. 01-08-1979, Agreement 01-05-1979, Effective 01-05-1979)

MD 811 was downloaded to municipal maintenance in a 1979 swap for South Queen Street (MD 274 within Rising Sun) to be brought into state maintenance.

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MD 812

Cherry Hill
MD 812
2 sections

Status: Decommissioned 1979; transferred to Cecil County maintenance. (SRC Min. 11-22-1978, Agreement 11-22-1978) Number no longer assigned, was associated with MD 213 (MD 280)

MD 812 is a former alignment of MD 213 through Cherry Hill, and MD 280 before that. As on other Cecil County routes, there is plenty of room to bypass mildly developed hamlets like Cherry Hill with a new alignment.

Sections of MD 812:
MD 812: Cherry Hill Rd 1.11 mi.; from MD 213 S of Molitor Road to MD 213 N of Elk Mills Road.
MD 812A: 0.05 mi.; from MD 812 to Road End. Probably a connector at the northern end forming a T intersection with MD 213.

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MD 813


West Nottingham
MD 813
1 remaining section

Status: MD 813F Unsigned, associated with MD 313.

Status: MD 813 in Cecil County Decommissioned 1979; transferred to Cecil County maintenance. (SRC Min. 12-27-1979, Agreement 12-26-1979, Effective 12-26-1979), was associated with MD 276.

Although there is an extant section of 813 in Wicomico County (numbered similar to 313), the number was mostly used for an old piece of MD 276 in Cecil County.

Sections of MD 813:
MD 813: (CE) 0.25 mi.; from MD 276 to MD 276. old alignment south of MD 813A
MD 813A: Harrisville Rd (CE) 2.09 mi.; from Road End N to MD 273. Despite being dropped in 1979, MD 269 ended here until its demise in 1984.
MD 813F: Twiford Rd (WI) 0.12 mi.; from State St south across MD 313 to end of maintenance.

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MD 814

MD 814 · (no name)
0.29 mi.; from road end east to road end.

Status: Unmarked, associated with MD 550.

MD 814 parallels MD 550 on the northeast side. Its only connection with another road is Penterra Manor Lane.

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MD 815

West Salisbury
MD 815 · Old Quantico Rd
0.72 mi.; from MD 349 east back to MD 349

Status: Signed north-south. It's mostly east-west geographically.

MD 815 is an old alignment of MD 349, bypassed due to a tight bend. Though it's inventoried east-west, MD 815 is signed north-south. Eastward is signed north, westward is signed as south. The route east of Parsons Road may be one way westbound; it's looks more like a ramp on the map, and all turn movements onto MD 349 can be done from Parsons Rd.

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0.0 MD 349
0.0 Parsons Rd
0.0 MD 349

MD 816

MD 816 · was Old Madison Rd
0.88 mi.; from MD 16 at Madison to MD 16 E of Madison

Status: Decommissioned 1970, transferred to Dorchester County maintenance. Number no longer assigned, was associated with MD 16. (SRC Min. 05-07-1970, Agreement 05-07-1970, Effective 12-01-1970).

Became CO 369 according to the RTDS, so that gives us: Old Madison Rd. In the current SHA database, it loops with MD 16 as the old 816 did. Madison is on the Little Choptank River along MD 16, west of Church Creek (where MD 16 splits with MD 335.)

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MD 817

MD 817 · Linchester Rd, Langrell Rd
2 sections

Status: MD 817A signed, MD 817B unsigned, one bridge abandoned.

MD 817 consists of two sections of MD 16-331 through Linchester, south of Preston.

Sections of MD 817:
MD 817A: Linchester Rd 0.46 mi.; from MD 16-331 north back to MD 16-331. Connected on the north end by MD 331A.
MD 817B: Langrell Rd 0.52 mi.; from MD 318 north to road end 0.13 miles past Seaman Rd.

MD 817 marker on MD 16-331, Linchester. (picture 06/28/2010)

MD 817A southern end, Linchester. (picture 06/28/2010)

MD 817B and abandoned bridge. (picture 06/28/2010)

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0.5 MD 16-331
0.4 MD 331A
0.0 MD 16-331

MD 818

MD 818 · Main St [Berlin]
2.62 mi.; from US 113 north through Berlin back to US 113.

Status: Signed north-south, associated with US 113.

Route 818 is the old, pre-bypass routing of US 113 through Berlin. The number probably dates from the time of construction of the new 4-lane US 113 east of town (late 60s?), relieving the burden of eastern Delmarva north-south traffic through Berlin.

Sections of MD 818:
MD 818A: (no name) 0.06 mi.; between MD 818 and US 113 near southern end.

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2.6 US 113
2.2 US 50
1.5 MD 346
0.9 MD 376
0.8 MD 374
0.8 MD 375
0.1 MD 818A
0.0 US 113

MD 819

Reids Grove
MD 819 · Reids Grove Rd
0.19 mi.; from MD 331 south back to MD 331.

Status: Unsigned, associated with MD 331.

Near Reid Rd and Maiden Forest Rd, running just west of MD 331, halfway between Vienna and Rhodesdale.

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