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MD 820

MD 820 · Castle Hall Rd.
0.13 mi.; east off 313 to road end.

Status: Unmarked, part of old 313.

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MD 821

MD 821 · Main St [Marydel]
0.40 mi.; loop south of MD 454 to MD 311.

Status: Unmarked, associated with MD 454.

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MD 822

Princess Anne
MD 822 · UMES Access Road
0.85 mi.; from US 13 east to College Backbone Rd.

Status: Signed east-west.

Added in the early 2000s, 822 provides an alternative to Broad St (MD 918) in access to the UMES campus.

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0.0 US 13
0.1 MD 675
0.9 College Backbone Rd

MD 822

MD 822 · was Joe Meltz Rd
0.65 mi.; from MD 803 (Edgar Price Rd) north to Road End

Status: Status: Decommissioned 1979; transferred to Cecil County maintenance. (SRC Min. 12-27-1979, Agreement 12-26-1979, Effective 12-26-1979) Number reassigned.

Unusually long for an unmarked stub. Halfway between US 301 and the Delaware line near the southeastern corner of Cecil County.

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MD 823

MD 823 · was Belle Hill Rd.
0.61 mi.; from MD 316 east to MD 279

Status: Decommissioned 1979; transferred to Cecil County maintenance. (SRC Min. 12-27-1979, Agreement 12-26-1979, Effective 12-26-1979) Number no longer assigned, was associated with MD 279.

The old alignment of MD 279, before construction of I-95 and a new MD 279 cut it into three segments. It once ran straight from MD 316 to the Delaware border where it became Chestnut Hill Rd. This one appears as 'Former MD 823' on an SHA plat. Thanks to Vince Nohe for catching this one.

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MD 824

MD 824 · Blythe Dale Rd.
1.06 mi.; loop east of MD 222.

Status: Marked north-south, associated with US/MD 222.

MD 824 was part of old US 222 before a new, straighter alignment was constructed for 222's interchange with I-95 in 1963. Not much along it, just an old motel and the I-95 underpass. It allows you to bypass the traffic signals for the I-95 ramps, but not the one for the outlet center, which coincides with MD 824's southern end.

MD 824
MD 824 signage at MD 222, 275 junction. (photo 1999)

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1.1 MD 222
1.1 MD 275
0.0 MD 222

MD 824

Pilot Town
MD 824 · (no name)
0.05 mi.; Road End south of CO 4 (Pilot Town Rd) to Road End N of CO 4.

Status: Decommissioned 1979; transferred to Cecil County maintenance. (SRC Min. 12-27-1979, Agreement 12-26-1979, Effective 12-26-1979) Number reassigned, was associated with western stretch of MD 273.

This small stub straddled Pilot Town Road, which used to be part of MD 273, and US 1 prior to 1929, when the old bridge at Bald Friar was demolished to make way for Conowingo Dam.

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MD 825

MD 825 · Oakland Dr.
2 sections

Status: Unmarked, associated with MD 135.

We now swing all the way to the other end of the state, 825-828 are in Garrett County.

Sections of MD 825:
MD 825B: Oakland Dr. 0.94 mi.; loop north of MD 135.
MD 825C: (no name) 0.21 mi.; two dead ends, with access via unnamed MD 135C.

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MD 826

MD 826
14 sections

Status: Unmarked, associated with US 219.

Route 826 is given to fragments of the old alignment of US 219.

Sections of MD 826:
MD 826A: Weber Rd., SHA Dr. 0.49 mi.; from road end north to MD 825B. Crosses MD 135, access road for an SHA Oakland facility.
MD 826B: Lumber City Rd.0.15 mi.; from US 219 north to road end.
MD 826C: (no name) 0.16 mi.; from US 219 south to road end.
MD 826D: (no name) 0.05 mi.; from US 219 south to road end.
MD 826E: Accident Garage Rd. 0.35 mi.; from US 219 north to road end. No kidding, that's a real name.
MD 826G: (no name) 0.22 mi.; two dead ends, with access via US 219C.
MD 826H: (no name) 0.19 mi.; from US 40 south to road end.
MD 826J: Stockyard Rd. 0.60 mi. ; two dead ends, crossing US 219D and US 219E.
MD 826K: (no name) 0.05 mi.; from US 219F east to road end.
MD 826L: Ryland Ct. 0.19 mi.; two dead ends, access via US 219G, also Ryland Ct.
MD 826M: Rabbit Hollow Rd. 0.51 mi.; from US 219 east to end of state maintenance.
MD 826N: (no name) 0.35 mi.; two dead ends, access via Collier Rd.
MD 826P: (no name) 0.17 mi.; loop east off US 219.

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MD 827

MD 827
2 sections

Status: Unmarked, associated with MD 39.

Sections of MD 827:
MD 827A: (no name) 0.11 mi.; from MD 39 south to road end.
MD 827C: (no name) 0.05 mi.; two dead ends, crosses 827A.

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MD 828

MD 828
2 sections.

Status: Unmarked, associated with MD 42.

Sections of MD 828:
MD 828: (no name)0.13 mi.; from MD 42 south to road end.
MD 828A: (no name) 0.12 mi.; two dead ends, with intersection with MD 42A.

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MD 829

MD 829

Not assigned.

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MD 830

MD 830
2 sections off US 220 (McMullen Hwy.)

Status: Unsigned, associated with US 220.

Two tiny stubs off US 220.

Sections of MD 830:
MD 830A: 0.02 mi.; from US 220 at Mile 3.18 south to road end. Between Placid Lane and Dawson Cemetery Rd.
MD 830B: 0.04 mi.; from US 220 at Mile 8.51 north to road end. Between Fort Hill Ridge Rd and Collins Dr.

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MD 831

Mt. Savage

New Windsor
MD 831
9 sections

Status: Unsigned, all except 831J associated with MD 36. MD 831J associated with MD 31.

Consists of old alignments of the northern reaches of MD 36. A new section, MD 831J, is an bypassed portion of MD 31, Main Street in New Windsor. MD 831E's name and location are lost to us for the time being.

Sections of MD 831:
MD 831A: Old Mt. Savage Rd, Dakota Rd 0.48 mi.; from Alt US 40 north to MD 36.
MD 831B: Old Mt. Savage Rd 0.11 mi.; from road end at gate north to road end Intersects MD 36C (Homewood St).
MD 831C: Kreigbaum Rd 0.90 mi.; from MD 36 north to MD 36 at Cash Valley Dr.
MD 831D: Porter Town Rd 0.37 mi.; from MD 36 north to MD 36.
MD 831F: (no name) 0.04 mi.; from road end east to MD 47.
MD 831G: Caboose Rd 0.12 mi.; from cul-de-sac north to MD 936.
MD 831H: (no name) 0.07 mi.; from MD 831C west to road end at barricade near Kline Dr.
MD 831I: Dakota Ave 0.04 mi.; from Dakota St and Dakota Rd (MD 831A) north to road end at barricade.
MD 831J: Main St [New Windsor] (CR) 0.08 mi.; from MD 31 west to MD 31. Original MD 31 through New Windsor before MD 31 relocated north to meet MD 75.

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MD 832

MD 832 · Old Taneytown Rd
7.67 mi.; from MD 140 at Taneytown circle east to MD 140 near Hughes Shop Rd.

Status: Signed east-west.

MD 832 is the original path of MD 32 between Westminster and Taneytown. However, it was never part of US 140, which ran north along current MD 97. MD 97 was used for the new, straighter alignment that would become MD 140.

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0.0 MD 140
3.1 MD 84
7.7 MD 140

MD 833

MD 833 · (Old) Black Rock Rd, Gill Ave
0.84 mi.; from Business MD 30 east to MD 88 at circle with Lower Beckleysville Rd (former MD 89).

Status: Signed at east end, associated with MD 88.

MD 833 Marker
Set the controls for the heart of the sun...MD 833 looking west in late afternoon. (photo 07/07/09)

With the construction of a circle at MD 88, MD 833 joins the ranks of the signed routes. It was there for quite some time before that, since MD 88 was diverted south a few blocks at its western end at Hanover Pike (MD 30). The other road at the circle, Lower Beckleyville Rd, was once MD 89 from the circle to the Carroll-Baltimore county line, and is not, as some Google Maps show, part of MD 137.

If I recall correctly, back around 1992, MD 833 (and thus MD 88 before that) went straight west along what was E Mott Ave (?-also listed as Magna Way on some maps today), connecting with (now Business) MD 30 there. I don't remember any running northwest along the back side of Main Street to hook up with Gill Ave as it is today, and I don't know when it changed over.

One thing I remember though for sure, 833 certainly wasn't signed, and that was my first exposure to the concept of the secret or unsigned route. This was the pre-internet era, and I was compiling my first route listing to maybe put online. Using a 286-12 Mhz homebrew PC, with monochrome CRT and 20MB hard drive. The word 'online' would have meant on a friend's BBS back then. How far we've all come.

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0.0 MD 30 Bus
0.8 MD 88

MD 834

Queen Anne's
MD 834 · Hayden Clark Rd
0.16 mi.; from start at Granny Branch Rd/White Marsh Rd east across US 301 to end of maintenance at MDDE Railroad.

Status: Unmarked.

Crosses a wide-median section of US 301, providing access to the Bay Country Rest Stop, which contains a (closed for now) Welcome Center. Be sure to grab some maps on the racks just outside in the lobby.

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MD 835

MD 835A

Queen Anne's
MD 835
10 sections

Status: MD 835A signed, all others unsigned, associated with MD 18.

MD 833A Marker
MD 835A signed. Maryland's only example of a number signed with its suffix. (photo 1998)

MD 835 is used for the old alignments of MD 18. These appear alongside the suffixed routes of 18 and 759, in what is called the "land of the 10 mph exits" across Kent Island on US 50-301. The area of commercial development across the island from Stevensville to Grasonville is sometimes, derisively, called "Kent Burnie," referring to the development along MD 2 in Glen Burnie.

MD 835A and B were first designated in 1986.

10 MPH Exit Map by SPUI

Sections of MD 835:
MD 835: Seward Marina Rd 0.13 mi.; from MD 18B (Main St) north to US 50-301 Exit 42.
MD 835A: Pier One Rd, Thompson Creek Service Rd 0.77 mi.; from 0.07 miles west of MD 8 east to roundabout at Thompson Creek Rd.
MD 835B: Saddler Rd 0.62 mi.; from Jackson Creek Rd east to MD 18V (Chester River Beach Rd.)
MD 835C: Love Point Rd, E Main St [Stevensville] 0.77 mi.; from MD 18A (Business Pkwy) to end near spur from MD 18A.
MD 835F: Schooner Pkwy 0.05 mi.; from MD 18A north to end of maintenance.
MD 835G: Kent Narrows Rd 0.40 mi.; from Kent Narrows Way N east to US 50-301 Exit 42.
MD 835H: Winchester Creek Rd 0.74 mi.; from MD 18W (VFW Ave) east to MD 835I.
MD 835I: Hissey Rd 0.20 mi.; from US 50-301 Exit 45A north to Homeport Dr.
MD 835J: Winchester Creek Rd, Blackbeard Rd 0.77 mi.; from MD 835I east to end of state maintenance.
MD 835K: Nesbit Rd 0.42 mi.; from MD 18B north to end of state maintenance.

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0.0 Start
0.1 MD 8
0.7 Thompson Creek

MD 835

Rising Sun
MD 835
Old Section of US 1, W of Rising Sun

Status: Decommissioned 1959, transferred to Cecil County maintenance. (SRC Min. 05-08-1958, Effective 07-01-1959) number later reassigned.

An older verson of 835 from the late 1950s.

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MD 836

Queen Anne's
MD 836
2 sections.

Status: MD 836A Decommissioned 1980; transferred to Queen Anne's County maintenance. (SRC Min. 08-13-1980, Agreement 08-13-1980, Effective 08-11-1980)

Status: MD 836B Decommissioned 1962; transferred to Queen Anne's County maintenance. (Agreement 02-19-1962, Effective 02-19-1962)

MD 836 was used for two stubs off current MD 213. One was dropped when it was still US 213.

Sections of MD 836:
MD 836A: 0.17 mi.; from MD 213 to MD 213 north of Centreville.
MD 836B: Browns Curve 0.27 mi.; Old US 213 [now MD 213] Spur North of Browns Branch.

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MD 837

Queen Anne's
MD 837 · Church Circle [Sudlersville]
0.12 mi.; from MD 300 northeast to MD 313.

Status: Unsigned.

A short northwestern cutoff of the center intersection of Sudlersville, MD 837 was added effective in 1963.

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MD 838

Queen Anne's
Wye Island
MD 838 · was Wye Island Rd
section near Wye Narrows Bridge

Status: Decommissioned by 1999.

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MD 839

MD 839 · was Charles Street Ave
1.11 mi.; from Towsontown Blvd north to West Joppa Rd.

Status: Decommissioned 1959; transferred to Baltimore County maintenance. (SRC Min. 08-21-1959, Effective 12-1-1959), number no longer assigned.

Charles Street Avenue is the current name for the original Charles Street, for a while called Old Charles Street. Only state route intersection was with MD 141 (Allegany Avenue). West Joppa Road was not part of the state system.

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